The Board

The Ferndale Housing Commission Board is appointed by the Mayor of the City of Ferndale to serve staggered five year terms.  The board meets the second Wednesday of each month, and more often as needed. The board is charged with overall governance and oversight of the commission, and it appoints and directs the Executive Director.




Jennifer Bentley

Board President

Jennifer Bentley is an accomplished attorney specializing in investigations of public fraud and corruption. She brings vast expertise in ethics and public accountability to the board, and contributes extensively to the agency’s policy development work.


Reginald Sutherland

Board Vice President

Reggie Sutherland has a history of advocacy and excellence in customer service, largely in hospital and public sector settings.  He has proven himself a successful consensus builder, and is a natural at bringing people together to resolve challenges in a positive way.

Deanna GTartaglia
ann heller

Deanna Tartaglia


Deanna Tartaglia is a skilled social worker specializing in serving those who are homeless or vulnerable to homelessness. Her passion for community service brings incredible warmth to her work with the board.  She makes for a fantastic advocate for those we are entrusted to serve.


Ann Heller


Ann Heler is a renowned leader in creating and sustaining local free clinics to ensure access to healthcare for those who are uninsured. Ann is a beloved community activist who has served in countless leadership and volunteer positions over the years.


Vacant Seat

If you are interested in serving on our volunteer board, please complete an application and submit it to the City Clerk.